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Get ready for your professional transformation - meet goals and recognize trends with our client dashboard where all of your reports are inputted to provide you with a snapshot on the status of your organization. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, this option will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to be financially capable in your industry. Don't miss this opportunity to recover your time and energy so that you can take your organization to the next level.

Resource Access

Personalized Onboarding

Dedicated Account Specialist

With our Quote & Diagnostic call, we review several aspects of your organizational needs and discuss requirements across the board regardless of whether you move forward with J&S Accounting or not. Allowing you piece-of-mind in knowing where you stand and the ability to consider all options if you're not quite prepared to move forward.

Exclusive Access to Resources

Enjoy access to an exclusive library of resources curated by our experts, packed with invaluable tools, templates, and case studies.

Utilize these materials to accelerate your online business growth and achieve your goals faster.

One-on-One Onboarding Call

This virtual onboarding call is designed to provide you with practical and actionable process. A J&S Accounting representative will walk you through the process of inviting J&S Accounting as your QuickBooks Online Accountant, ensuring we have the proper access to perform services. In addition to that, this is the perfect opportunity to ask questions that you couldn't find answers to anywhere else or want to confirm prior to finalizing your services. 

Plus, benefit from Quarterly Strategy Meetings where you can ask questions and get personalized advice from the experts themselves.

Post-Onboarding Support

We understand that implementing new strategies can be challenging. That's why, after the conference, you'll receive exclusive access to your account manager's "Current Client Meetings" availability. 

Or continue your learning journey, ask questions, and ensure your success in your industry by enrolling into additional trainings on our course dashboard. .

One-Time Fee: $150

Need To Customize or Require More?

Understand what your business needs...


There are times when we know what we want, but then there are times that someone has to tell us what we need. Let us be the trusted team that guides you through the chaos of bookkeeping.

After 13 years of serving Savannah, GA we have cultivated best practices, workflows, and quality connections with many of our local businesses and we look forward to fostering that growth.

01. Book a Quote & Diagnostic

02. Get the Feedback you NEED

03. Implement our success plan as we support your business with ours.

Book a Diagnostic & Quote Session

Meet with a J&S Accounting Representative, your guide to a stress-free bookkeeping experience. When you book a call with J&S for a diagnostic & quote, you reserve an in-depth review of where your company stands in it's financial reporting readiness.

Where value is more than a number, J&S provides a clear explanation of where your company stands and an upfront break-down of the process necessary to right the ship or keep it smooth sailing. The cost of the diagnostic is applied to your first invoice when you partner with J&S Accounting.

We look forward to growing with you!


What others are saying about us

"...Janel has patiently worked with me to get my books organized exactly how I need to see them..."

We could not be happier with the services J&S Accounting provides our company. Janel and her team seamlessly migrated all of our companies financials to QuickBooks without any disruption to our day to day operations and they continue to support us with our bookkeeping and payroll needs. Janel has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with business accounting and QuickBooks!

"Janel and her team seamlessly migrated all of our companies financials to QuickBooks..."

Janel has been a lifesaver! My husband and I have owned our small business since 2016 and I can honestly say I have never felt more confident in my books since I started working with J&S. We have multiple locations, channels of revenue and POS systems and Janel has patiently worked with me to get my books organized exactly how I need to see them, which was no easy feat! Businesses function on well built systems and our bookkeeping system needed a lot of help. Janel worked with me to rebuild, fine tune, and is assisting me in maintaining our bookkeeping system and I am forever grateful!

"We highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with bookkeeping!"

Janel has helped us navigate our bookkeeping and tax prep for several years now, and we'd be lost without her! We highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with bookkeeping!

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